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Coolsculpting vs Cryoskin...What's The Difference?

Coolsculpting vs Cryoskin...What's The Difference?

Coolsculpting vs Cryoskin…find out the many differences!

❄️ Coolsculpting treatment is done with a paddle that sucks your fat in and freezes the fat cells. This treatment produces results that are not specific and can leave you uneven. Cryoskin instead is a handheld cooling wand with ultrasound frequencies performed by a trained technician that can literally shape and contour your body.

❄️Following a Coolsculpting treatment, you are swollen for 6-8 weeks. Following a Cryoskin treatment, you can see INSTANT, measurable results from 1-2” or more. This means you can do this before an event for a quick slim down!

❄️Coolsculpting can be painful and can leave you with nerve pain or discomfort for months following the procedure. Cryoskin is less invasive and pain free. There is no downtime or residual nerve issues.

❄️When Coolsculpting is performed on the back of your legs, an indention from the paddle can be created, leaving your legs lumpy. Cryoskin can literally shape your leg/glute area. In fact, there are two different techniques based on your ideal glute. A flatter, European glute vs. the American, 🍑 shaped glute. The Cryoskin booty lift is next level!

❄️Coolsculpting requires multiple paddles for the stomach area, with a minimum of 2, but more if you want to treat your flanks. This equates to $1200-2400 per treatment to treat your stomach alone, possibly even needing a second round later at the same cost. Cryoskin can treat your entire stomach area in one session. The cost to effectively treat your stomach ranges $450 each treatment and even cheaper if treatments are purchased in bulk, depending on how many inches you want to lose. Results are permanent providing you don’t go out and replace the fat cells with new ones.

❄️Coolsculpting does not promote collagen formation and does not treat the neck or face. Cryoskin can be used to tone and tighten the face, chin and neck. It improves texture and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

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