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Do You Feel Off? If So, Try Our Ion (Detox) Foot Bath

Trust what your body is telling you. Oftentimes, detoxification is the missing piece to the health and wellness puzzle.

The Ion (Detox) Foot Bath


The Ion (Detox) Foot Bath is a relaxing and noninvasive way to remove toxins from the body. You literally immerse your feet into a bin of warm water and let the array, which is placed in the bin, draw out the toxins. The entire procedure takes only 30 minutes and you will be amazed at what comes out of your body! This therapy is recommended on a monthly basis for those with no major health issues, but is needed at least every 2 weeks for those battling disease. I highly recommend this detox therapy after a lymphatic drainage therapy session. Once you have dumped the nodes and drained the lymph, the body needs extra water and assistance ridding itself of all the waste. The Detox Foot Bath is an excellent way to help.

Ionic_Foot_DetoxificationHow the Ion (Detox) Foot Bath Works:

Ion (Detox) Foot Baths work by stimulating the bioenergetic field of the body. Direct detoxification through the skin may occur in some degree, however the primary function of the ion foot bath therapy is to improve the function of all vital organs, including kidney, liver, colon, skin and lung which are responsible to natural detoxification. Detoxification is a result of enhanced microcirculation and improved lymphatic flow, not solely on electrodialysis (toxins pulled through the pours of the skin)

Ion (Detox) Foot Baths machines generate ions that the body can take in and use as a general energy source. It comes down to the same principle as why we feel tranquil and energetic after a long walk on the beach or sit by a water fall. There are high concentrations of negative ions around huge water bodies. The constant pounding of the waves and the moving air lead to the break down of water droplets to small, mostly negatively charged particles. The body then absorbs these negative particles which actually cleans the energy fields and meridians which stimulates organ function.

Something similar is happening within the Ion (Detox) Foot Bath array. The electrical decomposition of water, called electrolysis, literally makes these machines function as negative ion foot baths. The negative charged ions are absorbed through the reflex zones and associated subtle energy channels which have an opening on the soles of the feet. These flex zones are the meridian channels to the whole body and all the organs get stimulated.

Ion (Detox) Foot Bath Benefits:

  • Stimulate and rebalance the whole bioenergetic field
  • Clear up energetic blockages/unblock the energy flow in the meridians
  • Facilitate capillary micro-circulation in the organs (including detoxifying organs)
  • Improve lymphatic circulation and boost immune function thus increase the body’s ability to fight infections, inflammations and cancer
  • Enhance the function of the detoxifying organs such as the liver kidney , colon, skin and lungs
  • Improves sleep and memory function
  • Decrease recovery time after injuries, surgeries and disease
  • Help repair tissues
  • Helps relieve headaches, arthritis and joint pain




Unlike the Brazilian butt lift, vacuum therapy (also known as vacuotherapy) is noninvasive and tones your tush without the use of incisions. Similar to a lymphatic drainage massage, vacuum butt therapy is a massaging technique that helps lift and contour the buttocks via a suction device equipped with glass cups. After a mini massage, two small suction cups are moved over the thigh and buttocks area, manipulating the tissue, then two larger suction cups are sealed over each side of the butt for approximately 30 minutes.

The process is said to improve lymphatic drainage, stimulate the muscles, break down and shift fat deposits, and stimulate the hypodermis, all of which combine to provide increased toning effects and give the appearance of a smoother, firmer, more lifted backside. vacuum butt therapy “provide[s] instant results and further lifts the buttocks by up to 70 percent.” One session is the equivalent of 1,500 squats.


Get your butt augmented without any surgery! Butt Vacuum Therapy is the most revolutionary non-surgical butt enhancement technique that gradually lifts and plumps the buttocks.