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What Is AMS?

AMS (Automated Muscle Stimulation) works to refine and tone muscles almost all over the body. It enhances muscle strength and endurance while aiding in the breakdown of fat, making this non-invasive body treatment a highly demanded one. It works by sending electrical signals through the electrode pads to different areas of the body and causing muscles in those areas to be contracted.

This procedure non-invasively increases heart rate, skin temperature, and metabolic rate, which helps the body use more energy to remove fat. This is a wonderful tool for weight loss, especially when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. By triggering the body’s natural fat burning and muscle toning processes, weight loss is a very achievable result with automated muscle stimulation. Through enhancing muscle strength and endurance while also aiding in the breakdown of fat, automated muscle stimulation is a next-generation technology that has been loved in every field- from medicine to beauty.